The Owens-Thomas House

This mansion symbolizes the neoclassical styles popular in England during the Regency period.

Owens Thomas House Tours Georgia Available During Your Luxury Vacation!

Explore The Owens-Thomas House for a glimpse into the lives of people during the Regency period. You can get an up-close look at this neoclassical style mansion while on vacation at Cumberland Palms!

The inside scoop

Tour The Owens-Thomas House to explore what life was like during the Regency period. Learn about the complicated relationships between the most and least powerful people in the city of Savannah during the early 19th century and the important roles they played in society.

A step back in time

Be sure not to miss this neoclassical style mansion when visiting Cumberland Palms. It’s a great example of English styles popular during this era and exemplifies many aspects of life that are now lost to time.

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Will Owens Thomas House Tours Georgia Include a Brief History of The Regency Period?

With Cumberland Palms, you can get access to Owens Thomas House Tours Georgia with a brief history of the Regency Period! As the travel company dedicated to serving its guests in the best way, Cumberland Palms is the affordable and fun way to explore one of the most remarkable periods in Georgia’s history.

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