The Juliette Gordon Low House

Learn how she equipped girls to enjoy adventure and develop new skills.

Juliette Gordon Low House Tours Georgia Available During Your Luxury Vacation!

Explore the history of the first president of Girl Scouts in the USA and her life with girl scouts around the world.

Home away from home

During your stay in one of our beautifully decorated houses you can take a tour around this historic house. In addition to providing a comfortable rest, you’ll be able to explore Savannah and its landmarks with ease!

Giving back to girls everywhere

At the Juliette Gordon Low House they are committed to giving girls everywhere the chance to explore their talents, grow their skills and have adventures in an effortless way. Schedule a tour while vacationing at Cumberland Palms.

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Will Juliette Gordon Low House Tours Georgia Include A Complete History of Girl Scouts?

Of course! Juliette Gordon Low House Tours Georgia is a perfect resource for those wanting to meet Girl Scouts. Georgia’s historic homes are more than just beautiful memories and Cumberland Palms is a complete resource for historic homes where you can learn and have fun. Our tour will take you back to the days of Juliette Gordon Low, this house is open for you to explore!

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With Cumberland Palms you can enjoy a Juliette Gordon Low House Tour Georgia while staying in a beautiful townhome. We will help you rent the right house for the tour with our program of tours to enjoy during your vacation. Have you been looking to learn something about life in this historic house? If so, try our on-site tour.

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What Luxury Vacation TownHome Can I Stay At and Enjoy Juliette Gordon Low House Tour Georgia?

The Juliette Gordon Low home tour is one of the most famous things in Georgia and Cumberland Palms is here to offer a vacation townhome where you can stay while you are here. Cumberland Palms is a way to reserve a luxury vacation home that has access to the Juliette Gordon Low House Tour Georgia! We educate visitors while giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy a luxury vacation in one of the most historically rich areas of the United States.

Discover various attractions in Georgia with us! Join us for a tour of the Juliette Gordon Low home! This beautiful destination is a mansion, it is a place that you have to visit in Savannah!

Historic Site Tours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday 10:00 am to 3:30 pm


Adults (18-65) $15 + Ferry
Seniors (65+) $12 + Ferry
Girl Scout Student (5-17) $10.00 + Ferry
Girl Scout Adult (18+) $10.00 + Ferry
Children (under 5) Free + Ferry
Students (5-21) $12.00 + Ferry
Military (with ID) $12.00 + Ferry

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